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Card Chronicle Named Louisville's Best

The annual "Reader's Choice" edition of Leo Weekly has hit coffee shops, downtown streets and wherever else you can find print, and hey look, we won something.

Best Local Blog

1. The Card Chronicle

2. WDRB Weather Blog

3. Watchdog Earth

Ayyo, lesson here, Weinberg: you come at the king, you best not miss.

But seriously, in these things it's generally pretty hard for sports sites and sports folks to get the nod in non-sports categories, so a major thank you to everyone who voted. Also, an average thank you to those who have continued to support the site but didn't know about the voting, and a slightly below average thank you to those who support the site, knew about the voting, but chose not to vote anyway.

I also somehow - I'll assume it was the thundersticks as penises post - managed to get a nod as the city's third best feature writer.

Best Local Feature Writer

1. Anne Marshall

2. Michael Jones

3. Mike Rutherford

Getting with the Big Time Yurts folks today about a "I support Louisville's third best feature writer" shirt, which should be available for purchase before the next home football game. Yeah, you can go ahead and assume that it will include lightning bolts.

But where I really have to say thank you to the 'Cloids comes later in the "Other Stuff" section.

Best Person to Have Their Face on a Building

1. U of L basketball player Gorgui Dieng

2. Muhammad Ali

3. Hunter S. Thompson

Pretty sure "Gorgs" would have sufficed without any preceding description. Also, editor Sarah Kelley notes in her opening spiel that one voter listed Gorgui as his pick in well over half of the categories presented.

Well done, folks. Very well done.