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Charlie Strong Talks North Carolina Win, First Road Game At FIU


--John Miller's injury at the end of the game was more of a cramp situation. He should be fine.

--Dominique Brown will get out on the field and he'll be re-evaluated this week. If our top two running backs stay healthy then we will consider redshirting Brown.

--We have a lot of players from the Miami area and that can cause some problems. There will be some time for them to visit with families, but this is a business trip. We're down there on business.

--Our players came into the locker room on Saturday and they felt like they'd lost the game, and that was good to see. A year ago we'd lose a game and they wouldn't feel as bad as they did last Saturday.

--We should have never been in the position we were at the end of the game, but it was still great to see Andrew Johnson to step up and make that play with the game on the line.

--Refers to Andrew Johnson as "Deuce."

--They knew the timeout situation at the end of the game, but they didn't take a knee because they didn't want to go backwards and risk getting a safety. "People don't need to be confused. We're coaching. We won the football game."

--On the blocked punt, our punter was too close to the line. He wasn't 15 yards deep like he was supposed to be.

--A lot of kids come from Miami to Louisville because they're going from a city to a city. Teddy asked him when they first started recruiting him whether he would "see a bunch of horses" because it was Kentucky. They don't realize it's a city until the get here and see it.

--This is a great game for recruiting because a lot of the guys in the area will be able to see the guys they played with and against who are now playing for us. We originally thought about playing this game on Friday, but Saturday is better for recruiting.

--FIU came in here and beat us last year, so we're all going to respect this team. The focus is on the game, not going home and seeing families.

--What happened in the kicking game can easily be corrected, so I'm not that concerned. Those were all correctable mistakes.

--Teddy is playing tremendously right now. He's doing a good job of staying in the pocket and seeing the whole field.

--Preston Brown is really stepping up as a leader on defense.

--We did not play any prevent in the second half. We don't play prevent. We're an attacking defense. It doesn't matter what the score is, we're going to blitz and come after people.

--If we would have beaten North Carolina by 30 points then our guys would be walking around thinking they were a lot better than they are. In that regard, what happened on Saturday was a good thing. It was a good teaching moment.

--We probably wouldn't have held onto that win a year ago.

--Our fans have really come out and supported us at home this year. It's helped our players come out and play with great energy.

--Has never coached a team that has gone more than a month between home games, but the schedule is what it is.