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New U of L-Themed Clothing Line Unveiled

Thanks in large part to Vibe magazine's recent declaration that I am "the next big thing in rap" (you don't have to buy the magazine, just trust me, they said it), a team featuring former members of Nappy Roots has reached out and said they would like the Card Chronicle community to be the first to see their new U of L Athletics-approved line of clothing.

Here are the details from the Birdgang Clothing team:

There is a new line of urban clothing called BirdgangTM being launched out of Louisville, Kentucky. BirdgangTM is a line of high fashion urban sports apparel officially licensed by the CLC and approved by the University of Louisville Athletics. BirdgangTM will offer Louisville Cardinal fanatics the latest trends on the street with a cutting-edge design that will be available on the market. The line will include products made with the finest quality materials such as t-shirts, hats, hoodies, sweatpants, backpacks, etc., offered at affordable prices.

And here's your exclusive sneak peek at the clothing line, which features a whole bunch of stuff that I am not cool enough to pull off. Fortunately, a lot of you reading this are cool enough to pull the threads off (see, I just said "threads," no way I can pull off a big art shirt), and will be interested in participating in the contests and giveaways that are on the way here in the coming weeks.

I know this is something that players and recruits are already very excited about, so kudos to B. Stille, the rest of the team and U of L for coming together and making this happen.