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Morgan Newton Thinks Louisville's Schedule Is Soft

Things have been awfully quiet on the Louisville/Kentucky trash talk front in recent weeks, but that's changed thanks to some new fire from Wildcat quarterback Morgan Newton.

Newton, who was the signal caller for UK in last season's 24-17 loss to the Cardinals, said in an interview with Cats Illustrated on Monday that the Battle for the Governor's Cup is very important for U of L because of the lack of quality opponents on their schedule.

"For Louisville, they don't have to go through the wear and tear that we go through week to week," Newton said. "So this is a big game for them because it's a non-conference game and it'll be competitive for them. You know, they'll end the season whatever and a couple losses. They just don't play the schedule we play, so it's a big game for them for that reason. It's a quality, non-conference opponent."

It took me multiple viewings of the video to confirm that it was, in fact, Newton talking. He was just a little hard to recognize standing upright.

H/T: Big East Coast Bias