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Thursday Evening Cardinal News And Notes


Cheyenne, Maya and their cousins attended the spring game and have spent the rest of the offseason inside PJCS. It was a bold move, but this weekend is when it pays off. I mean I guess it'll pay off if they hide somewhere down on the field, because otherwise someone's going to have a ticket for the seats they're sitting in. Here's hoping they think of something because you'd hate to see that level of dedication go unrewarded.

Also, really digging Maya's method of hat-wearing and unwillingness to show teeth in pictures. Lot of Mike Rutherford there. Probably cries less at Disney movies. Doesn't drink as much chocolate milk.

First and foremost, congratulations to the U of L volleyball team, which kicked off rivalry week by upsetting No. 10 Kentucky three sets to one Wednesday night. The 5,007 fans inside the Yum Center comprised the largest crowd ever to see a college volleyball game in the city of Louisville.

Howie Lindsey has video of the final point.

Spread check: Louisville by 13.

As for the weather, it's not looking great for Sunday:


I've already made my poncho purchase. Couldn't afford to make the now infamous green poncho mistake from the 2008 Cincinnati game again. People don't forget. And by people, I mean me. I don't forget.

Quick reminder to keep emailing me with the locations where you're going to be watching the game on Sunday. I'm getting a lot of "I live in _____ and want to watch the game with other fans," and not enough "I live in ____ and here's where I'm going to be watching the game."

ESPN Big East blogger Andrea Adelson likes Louisville to top Kentucky by a pair of touchdowns on Sunday.

Kentucky at Louisville, 3:30 p.m., ESPN. This is the big one, folks! Louisville went into last season's game as the underdog, and now the Cardinals are double-digit favorites. You think Louisville is young with only eight seniors? Try out Kentucky, which has 24 sophomores, redshirt freshmen or true freshmen listed on its two-deep headed into the game. Running back Josh Clemons is out because of a knee injury, and the Wildcats will go with a new quarterback in Maxwell Smith. Louisville should be outstanding on defense once again, and get another leap from Teddy Bridgewater.

Louisville 28, Kentucky 14.

She also previews the game in video form, right here.

Phil Steele isn't as enamored with Louisville as the rest of the country outside Lexington. The college football guru has predicted that the Cards will go 7-5 in 2012 with losses to North Carolina, Southern Miss, Pitt, South Florida and Rutgers. He's also gone on record and picked U of L to beat Kentucky by just seven points.

ESPNU's new late-night show "Unite" did a brief feature on KSR's Louisville Hate Day last night, and I think they picked the right tweet for the occasion.


Thanks to "Hollywood" Mark Ennis, who also made an appearance on the program, for the screen grab.

All eight of the CBS experts are picking Louisville over Kentucky.

On a serious note, I just wanted to take a second to let a few special emailers who might be reading this know that unfortunately I am not a homosexual. I am, however, flattered by both your interest and your advances, even if they were a tad bold. And I don't say that to hurt your feelings. It was just a little unexpected, but there's not necessarily anything wrong that. I mean sometimes I wish I had the nerve to just come right out and ask, you know what I mean? HaHa.

Also, if you're serious about finding a partner, maybe at least start with looking for someone who roots for the same team. I know that shouldn't be a deal-breaker in any courtship, but it just seems like you all are very passionate about your college sports, and I've found that in relationships the more similarities there are the better.

Anyway, maybe try hitting me up in another life. haha. All right, guys, enjoy your long weekend.

New highlight video featuring the Goodie Mob.

Wildcat Blue Nation has, without question, my favorite game preview to date.

The Cardinals like to talk a big game, but they're just as unproven as Kentucky. The roster is littered with freshmen and sophomores with little-to-no experience. The folks in Louisville should be given credit for their ability to generate a massive amount of undeserved and unearned hype, but the reality of the situation is that this team is largely the same squad that was able to sneak into a bowl game after one of the worst schedules in recent history.

That's right, in back-to-back sentences Louisville is both a team "littered" with players who have no game experience AND essentially the exact same team snuck into a bowl game because of the worst schedule ever.

It's the worst of both worlds, and somehow this squad has managed to achieve it. If you're not f---ing terrified after reading that then I'm not sure what's wrong with you. You're probably drunk off Crown Royal or not paying attention because you're trimming your linebeard.

This guy.


That is a man who could not give a shit less about Louisville.

The No. 14 ranked Louisville women's soccer team will look to remain unbeaten this weekend at the UK Invitational. They'll open tournament play Friday at 5 p.m. against Southeast Missouri.

The AP's preview piece for Sunday focuses in on The Ted.

I know there's been a lot of back and forth between Louisville and Kentucky fans, players and websites in recent weeks, but when someone takes the time to really think something out and comes up with an insightful and irrefutable bit of knowledge, I think it deserves our respect and praise, regardless of which side it comes from.

"Speaking at a press conference in Frankfort Wednesday afternoon, Kentucky Secretary of State DiNASTHiCK69 announced..."

Mark Story takes a look at Sunday's game, and notes probably the most famous statistic about the series.

The defining statistic of the modern UK-U of L series is that the team that has rushed for the most yards has won the game 16 years in a row.

Not since Sept. 2, 1995 - the second game after the series renewed - has the team that won the rushing battle (UK 203-142) lost the game (U of L won 13-10).

The irony in the pre-eminence of the rushing stat is that the modern UK-U of L series has been defined by signature quarterback play.

The UK athletics website says the Cats are almost done preparing for Louisville.

And finally, it's coming...


Less than three days.