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Dwyane Wade Calls Reece Gaines The Best College Player He Faced

It was a nice little Wednesday for former U of L superstar Reece Gaines.

First, Louisville's fourth all-time leading scorer was officially named as the new assistant basketball coach at Bellarmine.

"I was fortunate to coach Reece all four years at the University of Louisville," said Bellarmine Head Coach Scott Davenport, "and I can tell you that he possesses a great amount of personal pride. When he applies that pride to coaching, he'll have a great career (as a coach.)"


"I am really looking forward to working with Coach Davenport and the entire Bellarmine basketball family as I embark on a new phase of my career. It's nice to be back in Louisville and to be at Bellarmine, which has ascended to become one of the elite programs in all of Division II basketball."

Second, Dwyane Wade singled him out as the single best player he faced while playing college ball at Marquette.

Like I said, nice little Wednesday.