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Kentucky Attempts To Trick Fans Into Getting Excited

So the folks in the UK athletic department released a video yesterday titled "Kentucky vs. Tennessee All-Access 2011." The video splices Joker Phillips' pregame locker room speech with clips from UK's historic upset over the Volunteers last season.

It's very well done and was obviously released in an attempt to try and drum up some enthusiasm heading into this weekend's game at Louisville where the Wildcats will once again be heavy underdogs.

The only problem? That speech definitely isn't from before the Tennessee game.

If you watch even remotely closely you'll notice that the Kentucky players are wearing white helmets during the game clips against UT and blue helmets during the shots from the locker room. Joker's outfit in the locker room also isn't the one he had on against the Vols.

In reality, those inspiring words from Joker Phillips got his team all focused and riled go lose to Mississippi State 28-16 on Oct. 29.

This might be the most Kentucky football thing ever.