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Cards 27th In Pre-Season Coaches Poll

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USA Today released the first official poll of the college football season moments ago, and the Cards are on the outside edge just looking in, 27th according to the "Also Receiving Votes" category, just behind Washington and ahead of Georgia Tech and Cincinnati.

No Big East teams are in the Top 25, although teams with Big East ties are: West Virginia is 11th (hey didn't we beat those guys on their home field last year?), TCU is 17th, Boise 22nd and Notre Dame 24th.

And, per contractual obligations, Florida State finds itself in the Top 10, coming in at No. 7, despite not deserving such a ranking.

Other items of note: Arkansas is 10th, meaning half of the top 10 is SEC teams. LSU, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina are the other 4.

The coaches are split on which of LSU, Alabama or Southern Cal is the best team this season, nearly splitting first place votes evenly (18, 20, 19 respectively).

Full poll available here. Read it if you care.