The Cardinal Countdown...18 Days Until Kickoff

#18 Titus Teague


Class: RS Junior Ht/Wt: 5-11/170 Position: Cornerback Hometown: Pomona, Calif

Louisville’s Take: Emerged as a possible starter at cornerback after spring practice ... showed an ability to compete, but needs to continue to work his technique and become a better football player ... will have an opportunity to earn the starting job at cornerback.

Thoughts: If I’m being completely honest, until I started putting this summary together I had never heard of Titus Teague. Didn’t really notice him the last few years and never really heard him mentioned on CC….and I’m also completely full of crap. Who am I kidding, we all know the power of the black 18 jersey. Strong and Company have been high on Mr. Teague since the end of last year and it looks like he could be realistically battling for playing time this season at corner along with his special teams contributions.

How important is Titus? The man has spawned his own Playing Alert Level. While the full list has never been disclosed (I believe it’s kept in the Chronicle Headquarters stored in a ‘Boy Meets World’ DVD case under a macaroni Gorgui statue; just a guess though) here’s what we have so far…

Cardinal Red (Titus Teague Playing and laying the wood on someone)

Atomic Tangerine (Brace yourself for Postseason Titus)

Aquamarine (He’s one of the gunners…and he’s glorious)

Macaroni N Cheese (Unrealistically Optimistic)

Firetruck Red (Probably not likely, but oddly confident)

Jungle Green (Slight, but my overly romantic self continues to be optimistic)

Tropical Rain Forest (Better than you probably think, but still not good)

Neon Carrot (Better than might be expected)

Laser Lemon (Does not look good)

Magenta (Low)

Cerulean (Low)

Hot Magenta (Lower than Curelean)

Electric Lime (Bad)

Blizzard Blue (Terrible)

Tickle Me Pink (Never Been lower)

Expect to see ‘Cardinal Red’ quite often this season. What do you think about that #18?


That’s what I thought....Fiasco, your time is now!

Potential Nicknames: "Fiasco"