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Rick Pitino Interested In Coaching Team USA

An interesting tidbit from ESPN's story on USA Basketball preparing for life after the Coach K era:

USAB officials, however, aren't nearly that optimistic. Colangelo has said repeatedly this week that he'll make one more run at it, after giving Krzyzewski some time to decompress when this is all over, but sources close to the situation told that Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers and San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich have indeed already moved to the top of the list to take over in 2013 for Krzyzewski, who is expected to remain with the program as a top aide to Colangelo if he can't be convinced to extend his coaching tenure.

Sources say Louisville coach Rick Pitino has also expressed strong interest in the position, but the general expectation in USAB circles is that Krzyzewski will be succeeded by an NBA coach. Current Team USA assistants Mike D'Antoni and Nate McMillan, meanwhile, are regarded as long-shot contenders in part because both are out of work at present, meaning it would likely be too much to ask either of them -- when they do inevitably resurface in the NBA in the near future -- to take on the national team in addition to the rigors of a new pro job.

Pitino has talked before about his desire to coach in the Olympics before the end of his career, but it sounds as if the powers that be are hesitant to hire consecutive college coaches. I don't really understand why considering how successful the program has been under Krzyzewski, but whatever.