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Raleigh Wide Receiver Corey Cooper Commits To Louisville

If nothing else, we already know the kid has great timing.

Just minutes after news of Ryan White's commitment to Vanderbilt broke, Raleigh (NC) Millbrook wide receiver Corey "C.J." Cooper announced on Twitter that he had committed to Louisville.

Cooper, a three-star recruit, holds scholarship offers from Miami, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, NC State and Oklahoma State, among many others.

As detailed in this ESPN story from March, Cooper wasn't always the beacon of health. In fact, viral and bacterial infections nearly ended his life when he was an infant.

Monica said her son's skin was yellow. Doctors told the family they had never had to use so many life-support cords on an infant. Every day there was seemingly some more bad news to digest.

"A social worker came in and said he wasn't responding to any noises," Monica said. "They said he was going to be deaf. They said he was going to have special needs and things of that nature. That's when it really hit us."

The family used their religious beliefs to carry them through the weeks of worry when their son wouldn't eat and would sleep for most of the day. When doubts crept in, prayers pushed them away.

"He was in the hospital for a good two months before he got well," Monica said.

Hard to believe now, especially for Corey. To see him now, a 6-foot, 190-pound junior wide receiver from Raleigh (N.C.) Millbrook, is to see the picture of health and athleticism. It's a far cry from a baby on life support.

"It's crazy because I had those problems and turned out this way," he said.

Despite playing in a run-first offense, Cooper has racked up approximately 1,200 receiving yards over two seasons as a starting wide receiver. He rose to prominence as a recruit when coaches came to Millbrook to see teammate Keith Marshall, the top-ranked running back in the class of 2011.

Here's your newest Cardinal in action as a junior in 2011: