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Central Florida Gets 1-Year Postseason Ban In Basketball And Football, Ken Caldwell "Pist"

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The NCAA has handed our old pals Central Florida a one-year postseason ban in football and men's basketball because of their relationship with Ken Caldwell and, to a lesser extent, former Cardinal Brandon Bender.

Caldwell was deemed to have acted as a middle man between recruits and agents while simultaneously acting as a representative of the university and pushing recruits towards UCF. In addition to having connections to professional agents, Caldwell is a twice-convicted criminal.

The NCAA began its investigation last August, and UCF athletic director Keith Tribble resigned in November after being accused of providing misleading information. In February, Central Florida notified the NCAA of several self-imposed penalties, none of which included postseason bans.

So how is Ken - who promised to "bring down" Louisville when all of this got started over a year ago - feeling today? Well you might have guessed it, but he's totally pist.

I love that "bad" is randomly hashtagged.

Chill out, bro. Kick back and enjoy a cold Sierra Pist. This will all blow over soon.