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Charlie Strong Continues To Find New Ways To Motivate

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You might remember Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated's college football hierarchy feature from earlier this summer in which he labeled Louisville as one of the sport's peasants.

One person who saw it and certainly has not forgotten about it is Charlie Strong. In fact, the piece made such an impact on Strong that he wanted to make sure it was something his staff and players saw every single day. So he blew it up and placed it right in the U of L football complex.


via Adam Lefkoe

The highlighted teams, of course, are either future or former Big East foes who are considered by Mandel to be superior to U of L. The bit in red is Mandel's explanation about how five years ago Louisville was the only program in the country he couldn't give a label, but how now they've become as lowly as the rest of their current conference brethren.

I love it. Lack of motivation is never going to be an issue so long as Strong is patrolling the sidelines inside Cardinal Stadium.