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Pitino: Rozier Headed To Hargrave To "Improve His Academic Standing"

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U of L has released an official statement declaring that Terry Rozier will not be joining the Cardinal basketball team for the 2012-13 season. The statement includes a quote from Rick Pitino.

"We have spoken to Terry and without question, he is headed to the ideal spot for him to improve his academic standing and to play with teammates very familiar with him," said Pitino. "A.W. (Hamilton, Hargrave's head basketball coach) is an outstanding coach and was a terrific backcourt player himself. Another year academically and athletically in prep school will be a great opportunity for Terry."

I thought, and still think, that Terry Rozier can be a terrific college basketball player, but even though he has the potential to play a position of need for U of L, this is not a devastating blow as far as the upcoming season is concerned. Rozier still had a long way to go in terms of making himself a reliable option at the one, and getting a late start obviously was going to make that hill a much higher one to climb.

Basically, it's hard to see this news being the difference between Louisville winning a national championship in 2013 and Louisville not winning a national championship in 2013.

As for Rozier "still being committed" to U of L, it's a loyal move from a loyal kid, but the reality is that it's extremely rare for a player who didn't make the grades to wind up with the program where he originally signed. I think it'll be a surprise if he winds up playing for the Cardinals, especially considering the number of players in the class of 2013 that the U of L staff is currently in tight with.