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Tony Barnhart Says Louisville Is The Next Program Headed To The Big 12

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I'm more tired of conference realignment stories than you are, but this is the most talked about item in the world of Louisville sports right now, which means it demands some recognition.

Tony Barnhart, aka "Mr. College Football," appeared on the Tim Brando Show (with Tim Brando) this morning and was asked which program he thought would be the next to head to the Big 12. His response? DePaul. No, it was Louisville. Saying DePaul is funny because you all already knew the answer was Louisville and because DePaul couldn't win a "be the most DePaul" contest.

It's worth noting that Barnhart wasn't claiming any insider information to support this response, he was merely stating a personal opinion.

You can listen to Barnhart on the show, right here.