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Kentucky Players Who Have Already Talked Trash About Louisville Say They Won't Talk Trash About Louisville

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We're still a month and-a-half away from kickoff between Louisville and Kentucky, and already we've seen a great deal of bravado expressed from both sides through social media.

Cardinals and Wildcats alike have predicted abnormally large victories over one another in addition to voicing their overall lack of respect for their rival. It's been a mutual game of mud-slinging that has actually slowed down the deeper into summer we've gotten.

Today, Ben Jones of Cats Illustrated tweeted out a link to this story and offered up the following description: Kentucky players hear the Louisville trash talk. But don't expect them to talk back.

The story is basically centered around the idea that while Louisville players are engaging in a healthy amount of trash-talking, the Wildcats have adopted a strict "do our talking on the field' philosophy.

Take, for example, the following snippet:

UK head coach Joker Phillips has instructed his players to avoid similar behavior. They're content to wait until Sept. 2 before making any comments about the Cardinals.

"Talk is cheap," senior guard Larry Warford said.


So then I guess these statements, made by Warford just a week ago, somehow don't constitute as "talk."

Larry Warford is very calm. He's not boastful. He doesn't brag. And, he doesn't make outrageous statements. But Louisville is different. But losing to Louisville last year still bothers him.

"I've been thinking about them this whole year. We can't let that happen again. They are not going to beat us again. I'm not going to let that happen next year."

"What happened last year should not have happened at all. It left a real bad taste in my mouth. I'm mad about it."


Read deeper into Jones' story and you'll see this passage featuring a quote from Wildcat defensive end Collins Ukwu.

The loss still stings for the players. The war of words from this summer is a different story.

"You hear about it, but it really doesn't bother us at all," senior defensive end Collins Ukwu said. "We know what we need to do and we're just ready for Sept. 2."

Because Collins Ukwu would never even slightly engage in a war of words with Louisville, let alone commit the most boastful act of guaranteeing a victory over the Cards...except that Collins Ukwu totally guaranteed (on video) wins over both U of L and Tennessee last summer. Points for being half right.

With these acts and the (at least) three Kentucky players predicting sizable victories over Louisville on Twitter, I think the "they're trashy and we'll do our talking on the field" ship has sailed.