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Rick Pitino Names New Horse 'Russdiculous'

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On this very day one year ago, I would have told you that me being the Green Party nominee for President was infinitely more likely than Russ Smith having a promising thoroughbred named after him.

And yet, here we are.

Having already named a pair of horses after current players (Randy Bradshaw's "Siva" and "Gorgui"), Pitino has decided to name a third after the unlikeliest star on his 2012 Final Four team.

According to Bloodhorse, "Russdiculous" was purchased on June 19 by Dennis O'Neill - the brother of I'll Have Another Trainer Doug O'Neill - for a cool $145,000.


This...well, this is just tremendous.

"Three hundred across on Russdiculous...Do you like my sunglasses?" --Inebriated Mike Rutherford on May 4, 2013.