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Pitino Says Terry Rozier Is "50-50" To Qualify

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According to WDRB's Eric Crawford, Rick Pitino is now saying that it's 50-50 that Terry Rozier will wind up making it to Louisville.

Don't forget that just a few weeks ago he told Drew Deener on The Early Birds that he thought it was "70-30." And, of course, earlier this summer he simply wasn't worried about the situation.

The fact that Pitino is throwing out numbers at all suggests there's cause for concern.

A year ago, Pitino didn't even acknowledge that freshmen Wayne Blackshear and Kevin Ware hadn't yet been cleared until late July. He played down the situation and then stated a couple of weeks later that both were "good to go." Blackshear ended up not being cleared until Oct., while Ware wasn't allowed to join the team until after the fall semester.

There have been similar cases with players like Earl Clark and Gorgui Dieng where Pitino hasn't expressed near the level of "pessimism" he has with Rozier.

Here's hoping Terry can beat the odds, which would seem to be worse than the stated 50-50.