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The Louisville Sports Media Landscape Gets Another Shakeup

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Well, I think it's safe to say that Tuesday marks the most eventful day of the summer of Louisville sports media realignment since Eric Crawford and Rick Bozich announced they were jumping to WDRB.

A quick recap:

--They haven't announced it yet, but Mike Hughes and the folks in charge of are off to take over the new Louisville site on the 24/7 network. They'll be taking the ITV name with them, the same way the Kentucky folks took "The Cat's Pause" on the road a couple of years ago.

--Jody Demling has announced on Twitter that Saturday will be his last day with The Courier-Journal. He'll be making the move to Scout/Fox Sports Net, where he'll cover Louisville sports (presumably as the new head of the site) and college basketball.

--Not to be outdone, The Courier has announced that it's bringing in Tim Sullivan to fill one of its vacant columnist positions. Sullivan most recently worked as a columnist for the San Diego Union-Tribune. He was fired on June 3 for reportedly "not being on board" with the paper's television plans.

--I've traded Hot Hot to The Voice-Tribune for a handsoap dispenser without any soap in it.

Sullivan is apparently highly respected among national media members, but that doesn't change the fact that Louisville and Kentucky fans don't know who he is. He's going to have to come out firing early and often in order to garner some local buzz heading into one of the biggest sports seasons this community has ever seen.

Then there's the issue of the C-J still having a columnist position to fill (if it even chooses to do so). Having gone all the way out West with its first choice, one can only assume the addition of J-Bone will be announced within the next week.

It's hard not to see Scout coming out of all this as the clear winner.

Demling is a tireless worker with countless established connections throughout multiple levels of the basketball world. He's been known as a national recruiting guy for years, even though his primary gig was coverage for the handful of local programs. He won't have much difficulty digging up some early scoops for Cardinal fans, and if that happens, the "he's a UK fan" talk should die down pretty quickly. I also have great respect for his ties to Holy Trinity football.

It's already been a wild summer, but rest assured the moving and shaking isn't over yet.