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Louisville Football Improves APR Scores Dramatically

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The NCAA released the Academic Progress Rates (APR) for all Division-I programs on Wednesday, and the Louisville football team made the largest single-season improvement of any program at U of L.

The scores released by the NCAA were for the 2010-11 academic season.

The program was forced to give up three scholarships a year ago after a four-year total from 2007-2010 of 869, which fell woefully below the NCAA's benchmark of 930. Under Charlie Strong in 2010-11, the Cardinals posted a 948 total, a significant improvement from their mark of 869 in 2009-10.

This is the first time in five years that the program's scores have not declined, an improvement which means Cardinal football will face no additional penalties from the NCAA for the upcoming season.

Zero U of L programs, in fact, were dealt penalties by the NCAA for low APR scores. The men's basketball team posted a perfect score of 1000 for the second straight year.