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2011-12 Least Cool Person Tournament: The Injury Bug Vs. The Football Commitment Curse

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Your final matchup of the first round...

The Injury Bug


--Struck Louisville basketball especially hard in 2011-12.

--Claimed the seasons of Rakeem Buckles, Mike Marra and Stephan Van Treese.

--Also forced Peyton Siva, Kyle Kuric, Elisha Justice and Russ Smith to miss games.

--Spawned Neck Brace Gorgs.


The Football Commitment Curse


--From December - February, nearly every time the Louisville football team landed a new commitment the basketball team quickly responded with a bad loss.

--If the lasting effect of the curse is 30 hours, it can be blamed for four of U of L's ten losses in 2011-12. If you up that time range to 48 hours, it can be blamed for half, including the Final Four loss to Kentucky.

--No players committed to Louisville during the Cards' three-week run to the Big East Tournament title and NCAA Tournament Final Four.