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2011-12 Least Cool Person Tournament: Digger Phelps Vs. Doug Gottlieb

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Digger Phelps


--Making his third LCPT appearance, Phelps owns a career record of 1-2.

--Picked against Louisville in all four Big East Tournament games.

--Did not speak once following Louisville's Big East Tournament victory over Notre Dame.

--Had this interaction during ESPN's pre-Final Four coverage.

Digger: "It's been proven time and time again that Louisville can't win if Peyton Siva fouls out."

Rece Davis: "They've actually won two games in the tournament where Siva has fouled out."

Digger: "They can't win if Siva fouls out.

--Referred to "Fab Melo" as "Thad Matta" during the first Louisville/Syracuse game.


Doug Gottlieb


--Debut LCPT appearance.

--Began the season by ranking Louisville much lower than the rest of the world because of a backcourt which was "drastically weakened" by the early departure of Terrence Jennings.

--Referred to the Cardinal as "the most overrated team in America" in December.

--Picked Louisville to lose to Davidson in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

--Claimed Florida was "20 points better than Louisville, but choked" after the Cardinals defeated the Gators in the Elite Eight.