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2011-12 Least Cool Person Tournament: Matt Jones Vs. Casual Gamer Reed

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Matt Jones



--Founder of, host of KSTV and KSR Radio.

--Making his debut tournament appearance here in 2012.

--Enjoys antagonizing Louisville fans in print, on television and on the radio.

--Will often admit that he says things just to get a rise out of U of L fans.

--A sampling from today: "UL's FB team is so unbelievably overhyped in their fans' minds, that if this UK team goes into Papa Johns and wins..well I may never shut up"


Casual Gamer Reed



--Self-described as "YouTube's No. 1 Kentucky fan."

--Another first-time competitor in the tournament.

--Took the expected shots at Louisville and Indiana, often times in unintentionally hilarious form.

--Proclaimed "Loserville will get blowed out" before the first meeting between the Cardinals and Wildcats.

--"We're Kentucky. You're Indiana. You should bow down to us. We're the superior program, we're the superior people. We're better people, we have the better program...we don't go around saying that."

--"I'm better than you all, I'm a Kentucky fan."

My guess is the voter turnout for this one will be pretty high. Polls close Friday afternoon at 3.