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2011-12 Least Cool Person Tournament: Karl Hess Vs. Jae Crowder

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Karl Hess



--Continued to improve upon his reputation as being one of the worst officials in college basketball.

--Ego was on full display when he ejected NC State legends Tom Gugliotta and Chris Corchiani during a game in February.

--Refused to work ACC Tournament because he was angry about the criticism he received after said ejection.

--Was the only official to whistle Rick Pitino for a technical foul this season and did so twice, the second time coming at a crucial point in the Elite Eight game against Florida. In both instances Pitino claimed he was yelling at one of his own players when he was hit with the T.


Jae Crowder

--2012 Big East Player of the Year.

--Drew the ire of Louisville fans (as well as a technical foul) when he made a throat slashing gesture and said "it's over" after hitting a shot near the end of Marquette's regular season win over the Cardinals.

--Was knocked out of the Big East Tournament by Louisville for a second straight season.

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