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2011-12 Least Cool Person Tournament: Mark Nordenberg Vs. The Courier-Journal

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Mark Nordenberg



--Pittsburgh chancellor who many credit for being the catalyst behind the moves of Pitt and Syracuse to the ACC in Sept., the same moves which set off a huge chain of drama in the conference realignment world.

--Was largely behind the vetoing of a reported $1.3 billion television deal between the Big East and ESPN which would have benefitted the conference greatly going forward. Spoke out against the deal after under-the-table deal with ACC had been struck.

--Is perhaps the king of Big East hypocrisy.

--Made U of L's Sept. 17 win over Kentucky (the same day the Pitt/'Cuse news broke) just slightly less enjoyable.


The Courier-Journal



--Drew the ire of both Charlie Strong and Rick Pitino at various points in the season.

--Website continued to constantly freeze while live stream almost never worked without issue.

--Lost columnists Eric Crawford and Rick Bozich to WDRB.

--Adopted a pay format for portions of its online content.

--Frustrated Louisville fans with its coverage of Cardinal sports, most recently with its "Pitino Tells Van Treese to Leave" headline for a story about basketball player Stephan Van Treese's transfer.

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