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Tim Higgins Is Retiring

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Grab a drink, throw some confetti and start an impromptu parade wherever you are. Tim Higgins is calling it a career.

He has been to 10 Final Fours, which is more than Jim Calhoun or Jim Boeheim, and left each of them undefeated. Which is not to say Tim Higgins was perfect. He is a game official, so we know it's unlikely he got every call right.

Higgins will retire from officiating this summer, sources in the Big East Conference told Syracuse Post-Standard basketball writer Mike Waters. He was a member of the Big East's first officiating team; the league opened for business in 1979.

You were...well, you were not a good official, Tim.


Jim Burr? Karl Hess? TV Teddy Valentine? Everyone's doing it, fellas.