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The Best U of L Sports-Related Horse Names

We talked yesterday about the best possible horse names based off of U of L athletes or figures, and suffice it to say, everyone came through in a big way.

I'm sure at least one of you reading this is powerful enough to own a horse, which means I'm expecting to see at least one of these names in a program at some point over the next few years.

Nice Race, Russ

Nice Pass, Russ

Northern Dantzler

Go-Zach Smith


Behanimal Kingdom


Fusaichi Otis


Prileu's Eye Orbit


Lasege's Appeal

Arizona Never Been There

Dr. Dunkin' Will Stein

Fat Wayne

On All LeFors

Mine That Hurtt

Hurtt So Strong

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gaines

Lion Chaser

On The Train

If I Win Jurich (for a slow horse)

Siva Hero


Nunez Business

Run For The Rozier

Swop's Lingering Groin

Kuric Round The Korner

Roll Hard Gorgui

I Don't Know Colors


Dream of Wheat

Marques MayWin

Ellis Myles And A Quarter