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One Shining Moment 2012

This hasn't been posted yet,'s being posted now.

A few thoughts:

1. I feel like we've gotten the "the ball is tipped" shot at least four or five times over the past decade or so.

2. Couldn't be happier to see a Trollin' Indiana Baby appearance.

3. Peyton gets one of the highly coveted and equally rare spoken lines, which I believe is a first for Louisville.

4. During the game I thought "if Kentucky ends up winning it all, we're going to be seeing those clips of our guys getting crammed on far too many times for far too many years." Not cool.

5. Feel free to skip the last 20-25 seconds.

6. If Kentucky hadn't won, this probably would have passed '97 (Wheat's senior year) as my all-time favorite OSM. Still probably the best Louisville representation we've seen to date.