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A Little Perspective On A Tuesday Afternoon

As difficult as it was to stomach watching Kentucky beat Louisville in the Final Four and then go on to claim college basketball's top prize two days later, a little perspective always makes things like this easier.

I got that this morning when I checked my inbox.

My husband was a huge U of L fan. When we had our son 3 months ago he was so excited to send a picture to your website (which he read several times a day). Shortly after our son was born, Zachory started becoming ill and died at the early age of 28, four weeks ago. It would mean the world to me and to my husband if you put a picture of our son on your website.



P.S. We had a UofL themed funeral where UK fans wore UofL colors for Zachory.

It's fun, and that makes it important, but it should never, ever be confused for being on par with life and death.



Go Cards.