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Louisville The Second Choice To Win It All In 2013

Sportsbook has released its early lines on the favorites to win the 2013 national championship, and Louisville comes in behind only Indiana at 8-to-1.

Here's a portion of what they have:

Indiana - 7-to-1

Louisville 8-to-1

Kentucky - 10-to-1

Michigan State - 15-to-1

Ohio State - 15-to-1

Syracuse - 15-to-1

Kansas - 15-to-1

Missouri - 20-to-1

Duke - 20-to-1

North Carolina - 20-to-1

Florida - 25-to-1

UCLA - 25-to-1

Michigan - 30-to-1

Baylor - 40-to-1

Memphis - 40-to-1

Arizona - 50-to-1

N.C. State - 50-to-1

Pittsburgh - 50-to-1

Cincinnati - 50-to-1

UNLV - 60-to-1

Georgetown - 60-to-1

DePaul, for those of you (all of you) wondering, is 300-to-1.