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Rick Pitino Names Horses After Cardinal Stars

Thoroughbred trainer Randy Bradshaw recently asked Rick Pitino to help name two of the 2-year-old colts that Pitino owns and Bradshaw trains.

Pitino, who saw the horses while in Florida after the Final Four, came up with a pair of notable titles.

"The Bellamy Road colt was a spectacular big, big colt," Pitino said. "He was lanky, had great potential and goes the distance. I said I got the perfect name for him. I said ‘Gorgui.' "

The second colt was "very, very quick - has a great first step, so to speak," Pitino said. "I said I got the perfect name there, too."

Pitino went with "Siva."

Bradshaw also had a third colt with ridiculous speed but a propensity for running in the opposite direction whenever he gets on a track. Pitino decided to go with "Russ" for that one. I might have made that up. I definitely made that up.

Anyway, both "Gorgui" and "Siva" will begin racing this summer with the hopes of being at Churchill for the first Saturday in May, 2013.

A horse named "Gorgui" making the Kentucky Derby field would be a gambler's dream. That colt could have three legs and he would still go off at no worse than 6:1. I know I'd go broke.