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Best VillenHD Videos of 2011-12, Pod 4: NCAA Tournament

I would like to defend the Florida video. Honestly, I think a lot of people were initially disappointed. But let's be honest: that was such an amazing game, such an amazing result, such a crazy situation, I mean, there's literally no person alive who could come up with a video that captured everything about that game and that situation and then set it to music. The expectations were just too high. And I think on some level Villen got that. Because the more I watch that video, the more the music fades into the background and it's just about the game itself. And there is a weird beat and almost trance-like words in that song that really make sense by the end of the video. It gets better every time you watch it.

And yes, I have thought about this more than I would care to admit.

Anyway, re-watching these, we really had an unbelievable run didn't we? I don't think we can fully appreciate it because it just ended, but these last two years, despite the extreme lows (or maybe because of them?) were about the most enjoyable of my entire life in terms of sports. Winning the Big East Tournament? Comeback after comeback after road win after comeback. The Final Four, after being down 11 with 8 minutes to go and Siva fouling out. Can you seriously believe all of that happened?

And as soon as the season ended (or really before, but that's for another post), it was next year, next year, we are going to be so good next year. So sure, we lost, but next year, boy, next year we are going to be awesome. And we will probably be awesome. Obviously until October we know not to write our lineup in ink. But maybe we could go to the Final Four back to back, even though that is extraordinarily hard, because honestly, it is REALLY hard to get to even one Final Four, much less two in two years. But maybe we won't. Next year is already going to be different: no more Bullet, Richard Pitino is gone, Lieberman gone, maybe they take Buckles with them, maybe someone else gets hurt or leaves or who knows what can happen in the future.

People made fun of Pitino for his whole "precious present" thing but I think these last two years have really driven that home. Regular seasons like last year are so rare. Postseasons like this year are so rare. Enjoy them. We will miss these things when they all roll by.

Louisville v. Davidson 3-15-12 aka First Ever VillenHD NCAA Tournament Video

Louisville v. New Mexico 3-17-12 aka NM aka When You Roll, Roll Hard aka Is That Skillrex?

Louisville v. Michigan State 3-22-12 aka State aka It's My Time aka the This Is Really Happening Game

Louisville v. Florida 3-24-12 aka FL aka Florida Shooting Multiple 4 Point Shots For The Lead aka Seriously, This Game Actually Happened Like In Real Life Happened