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Best VillenHD Videos of 2011-12, Pod 3: Big East Tournament

I had the strangest dream a few weeks ago. Our players went to New York to play in the Big East tournament, but they weren't really our players. I mean, they had the same names, but they played, like, a completely different style, ran different plays, made a bunch of outside shots, runned and gunned. And get this: they were wearing these like ORANGE shiny uniforms. And we usually wear red, not orange. It was cray, bro. Below are snippets from that dream set to music.

You know what to do, although the obvious winner of the whole f'in thing is in this pod. Sorry, Louisville v. Marquette 3-8-12, you may have been the overall runner up, but too bad. I don't make the rules. Well, yes, I guess I did just sorta make up these rules. But still.

Louisville v. Seton Hall 3-7-12 aka The "I remember literally no plays from this game" game

Louisville v. Marquette 3-8-12 aka The First Official "Is This Real Life?" Game aka Laughing Gorgui GIF

Louisville v. Notre Dame 3-9-12 aka The Who Gon Stop Me Video aka Seriously, Is This Real Life?

Louisville v. Cincinnati 3-10-12 aka Take Me To That Old Familiar Place aka You Are A Constellation aka Slow Mo Running With Finger In Air Championship Celebrating Siva aka Literally Greatest Youtube Video of All Time aka No, I'm Not Crying, Shut Up Mom

Wow. What a crazy, crazy dream.