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Elisha Justice Will Transfer

Former Kentucky Mr. Basketball and current rising junior Elisha Justice will transfer from Louisville. All Ky Hoops reports that Bullet's new home will be Pikeville College.

Russ Smith confirms as only Russ Smith can.


Justice's departure makes an already intriguing situation at backup point guard that much more interesting. Sophomore-to-be Kevin Ware played the position sparingly during his one semester of eligibility, but appeared extremely uncomfortable at times. Incoming freshman Terry Rozier has been billed by some as more of a two, but will almost certainly get a look (assuming he's eligible). The man who filled the role most often down the stretch this past season was Smith, who also appears to be the leading candidate right now to be your starter at the two guard.

The situation is certainly one to keep an eye on during the summer months.

The word that Bullet was looking to transfer started to swirl earlier this week, but the folks I talked to at that time were of the belief that he would be heading to a D-I school. I know Pikeville is home and that he can play immediately there, but I'm still slightly surprised he didn't shoot a little higher.

Best of luck to a great kid who I'm sure will do big things with his remaining years of eligibility. He'll definitely be missed here.

We'll always have this.