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Spring Game Prep Work: Count The Returning Cardinals In This Awesome Video

Yes, this video has already been posted and yes I have my reasons for re-posting it, and no I won't tell you them. Okay fine it's because Charlie Strong crowd surfs and that's just about the best piece of video available on the internet.

An assignment: count the number of returning players making big plays in this video. And then try to keep your pants on, until at least 1 PM tomorrow.

I'm still trying to sort out details of whether I can attend and take MarraFan427. We'll see. If you see a dude in one of those front baby carrier things IT IS LIKELY NOT ME SO PLEASE DO NOT POINT AND LAUGH BECAUSE YOU WILL HURT THAT GUY'S FEELINGS.

If you go, pay special attention to LB Mount and RB Corvin Lamb, my prediction for breakout players of 2012. Which of course means both of them are about to have terrible seasons.

My backup prediction on defense is DE Dubose. On offense, sounds like from yesterday that no WRs are stepping up but all are solid. So, it's too soon to tell where the ball is going to go.

I think we are going to be really, really good next year. Talk of going undefeated is a little aggressive and unlikely (Strong still has not beaten Pitt OR Cinci and we play Pitt on the road next year) but the pieces feel like they are 85% there. Just need some luck and a healthy squad and we can have a special, special year.

And remember, wear sunscreen.