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Thank You, Maker's Mark

The Official CC #PutPitinoOnABottle Campaign gained some serious traction yesterday when Maker's Mark offered an official reply to Card Chronicle.

For those of you that don't know, the Samuels family founded Maker's Mark and Mr. Rob Samuels, the grandson of founder Bill Samuels, was recently named President of the company. Mr. Samuels got wind of our request and was kind enough to respond.

Maker's Mark Response:

Thanks for the thoughtful posting here, Matt. Actually, we feel pretty close to the University of Louisville since my grandparents, Bill Sr. and Marge Samuels – who created Maker’s Mark – were both U of L alums. We helped establish a foundation some years ago for the U of L School of Education and my father has served on the university’s board of trustees. And as another person posted here, it’s true that every regular bottle of Maker’s Mark that comes down the line is a hand-dipped redhead. I’m just sayin’.

While the commemorative bottles we create often feature a sports figure, our focus actually is on the different charitable causes that have, over many years, benefited from the sales of those bottles. And the fact is, we’ve already been thinking about how we might expand our relationship with U of L in a way that would make a positive impact. So your post here is a timely one, Matt. Stay tuned. We just might have some news for you soon.

Rob Samuels


I really appreciate Mr. Samuels taking time out of his busy day to comment on my letter and I hope that the purpose of my suggestion came across in an effective manner. I was not trying to criticize Maker's Mark, but merely desired to (a) convey to them how much I enjoy the collector's bottles they have made and (b) tell them how great I think it would be if Coach Pitino were featured on a bottle. After reading his comment, it is very obvious that the Samuels' family unquestionably supportive of the University of Louisville.

Anyone that is familiar with Maker's Mark knows that they need little help with philanthropic ideas and succesful advertising. However, after reading Mr. Samuels comment, I figured I would share a suggestion with him about what could possibly be Maker's Mark's next charitable venture. Why not partner with Coach Rick Pitino to do a bottle with the partnership's purpose being to support the Daniel Pitino Shelter? Not only would this benefit the city of Louisville, but Owensboro as well.

Again, I'd like to thank Mr. Samuels for his response and look forward to any positive news that might be forthcoming.