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Best VillenHD Videos of 2011-12, Pod 2: Conference Games

Congrats to Louisville v. Vanderbilt 12-2-11, which survives its pod with approximately 56% of the vote. Soon you will know how it feels to be Louisville v. Fairleigh Dickinson 12-10-11 (Goode Feeling), I predict.

Moving on, the run through the Big East regular season left some of us confused and angry and caused us to tweet things we shouldn't have. But there were happy times as well. Choose among them:

Louisville v. DePaul 1-14-12 aka You Should Pass It Right Away

Louisville v. Pittsburgh 1-21-12 aka Party In The USA (fake) --> Ima Boss aka Return of the King

Louisville v. Seton Hall 1-28-12 aka Don't Play High

Louisville v. West Virginia 2-11-12 aka The Fat A-- Wayne Game aka "You F---n Killed Us"

Louisville v. Connecticut 2-6-12 aka The Heavy Favorite