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It'll Be Louisville vs. Notre Dame For A Spot In The Big East Championship Game

Notre Dame outlasted South Florida 57-53 in overtime and will now face the mighty Cardinals of Louisville Friday night in the second Big East Tournament semifinal.

As much as I wanted revenge on South Florida for the worst Senior Night ever, I think the Fighting Irish actually might an opportunity for a sweeter redemption.

It was the double overtime loss to Notre Dame on Jan. 7 that was the first real "uh-oh" moment of the season, and one that triggered the negative tone which permeated for so many of the succeeding weeks. Beting the Irish would be a nice way to officially symbolize a postseason turn of events in the opposite direction.

Marquette in the quarterfinals, Notre Dame in the semis. Great sequels are always tough to pull off, but the Cards are already halfway there.


I'd forgotten how great this feeling is.