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2012 Big East Tournament Bracket

DePaul just keeps on giving. The Blue Demons' victory over Seton Hall Saturday night keeps Connecticut away from Louisville and allows the Cards to face the winner of Tuesday's game between No. 10 SHU and No. 15 Providence in their tournament opener on Wednesday.

I know right now we don't have much of a reason to be confident against anybody in the league, but I think this is about as solid a draw as we could have asked for.

Here's your final 2012 Big East Tournament bracket:First Round:

Tuesday, March 6

Noon: No. 16 DePaul vs. No. 9 Connecticut (ESPN2)
2 p.m.: No. 13 Pittsburgh vs. No. 12 St. John's (ESPN2)
7 p.m.: No. 15 Providence vs. No. 10 Seton Hall (ESPNU)
9 p.m.: No. 14 Villanova vs. No. 11 Rutgers (ESPNU)

Second Round: Wednesday, March 7

Noon: DePaul/UConn winner vs. No. 8 West Virginia (ESPN)
2 p.m.: Pitt/St. John's winner vs. No. 5 Georgetown (ESPN)
7 p.m.: Providence/Seton Hall winner vs. No. 7 Louisville (ESPN)
9 p.m.: Villanova/Rutgers winner vs. No. 6 South Florida (ESPN)

Quarterfinals: Thursday, March 8

Noon: DePaul/UConn/West Virginia winner vs. No. 1 Syracuse (ESPN)
2 p.m.: Pitt/St. John's/Georgetown winner vs. No. 4 Cincinnati (ESPN)
7 p.m.: Providence/Seton Hall/Louisville winner vs. No. 2 Marquette (ESPN)
9 p.m.: Villanova/Rutgers/USF winner vs. No. 3 Notre Dame (ESPN)

Semifinals: Friday, March 9

7 p.m.: Winners of Thursday's noon and 2 p.m. games (ESPN)
9 p.m.: Winners of Thursday's 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. games (ESPN)

Championship: Saturday, March 10 at 9:00 PM (ESPN)