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Louisville vs. Kentucky: When Words Fail

This is where I'm supposed to write something poignant(?) about the game for you to read. It's how our relationship works. It's what we do.

But what do you say at a time like this? I mean what do you really say? There are no sentences to be strung together to create thoughts or opinions that you haven't already heard or don't already hold. Nothing inspirational to be penned that could evoke any more emotion than is already floating around. There are no real words.

This is forever. Whatever happens, win big, lose big, win small, lose small; it's going to be talked about forever.

At some point we will analyze every dribble, we'll discuss every substitution and we'll debate every whistle. The players will never be able to escape what happens, good or bad, between 6:15 and 8:15 this evening. The two coaches, who have each had remarkable successes and failures already, will have a sizable chunk of their legacy defined.

After today, "the game" will mean one thing to Louisville and Kentucky fans. This is "the game," today, tomorrow and forever.

Additional words at this point would assuredly fail. Except four.


Go Louisville. Beat Kentucky.