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Louisville vs. Kentucky: Rumble, Old Men, Rumble

I think it's safe to say that "End Game" week now has it's defining story.

Louisville and Kentucky fans disagreeing isn't exactly big news. A physical altercation between fans of the two hated rivals isn't going to sell any papers either. But a 72-year-old and a 69-year-old throwing down at a dialysis center over the Cards and Cats?

We need the details.

"He just happened to think UofL would beat UK and he started to run his mouth," explained dialysis patient Ed Wilson. Wilson also happens to be a self-proclaimed die hard UK fan. "That's what started it."

First of all, the chances of "run his mouth" or some variation of the phrase appearing in this story were slightly above infinity percent. Second, have you ever heard someone refer to themselves as a "casual UK fan?" It's always "die-hard" or "bleed blue," you never hear, "I mean I like the Cats but I don't let Kentucky basketball define me or anything like that."


But Charles Taylor, who was waiting to get hooked up to a machine saw things differently. "I didn't talk to him about the ball game; I was talking to another guy about the game," The UofL fan exclaimed. "He was meddling. And told me to shut up and gave me the finger!"

*Laughs for 30 seconds*

We all know how I feel about exclamation points, but putting one after a dialysis patient defending a violent action by saying the other person "told me to shut up and gave me the finger" really drives home the inflection with which the quote was made. I'm all for it in this instance.

I also enjoy that the guy wasn't even talking to the UK fan about the game, but Big Blue Ed (I swear that's what my childhood barber called himself...he did an awful job) just can't keep himself from meddling. Only problem is, you meddle around Charles Taylor, you're liable to get your block knocked off.

"I wasn't gonna take no more from him," UofL fan Taylor said.

Well duh.

UK fan Wilson explained "I'm sitting there hooked up to a machine and I can't do anything."

Ok, this is the only part where I feel kind of bad. Dialysis sucks (I hear), and being hooked up to the machine while someone is about to punch you can't enhance the experience.

Still, this is why you can't meddle give people the finger(!).

So, offended by Wilson, Taylor took action. "I went up to him and I hit him, " he said. "Didn't hit him that hard, but I hit him."

I'm pretty sure I used this line approximately 45 thousand times between ages four and eight.

Georgetown Police say their case is now closed and they investigated it as harassment.

Apparently it's still just as effective.

Wilson says he's not filing charges against Taylor, but he does hope the Cats win.

Well, that's typical.