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No Question Mark This Time: Card Chronicle In NOLA

Ok, so it seemed like a bad deal for me at the time, but per our earlier arrangement, I'll be flying into New Orleans on Friday, checking into the Marriott on Canal St. for the weekend and driving the new Buick Regal GS during my four-night stay.

The folks at Buick didn't really have many other demands, although the "don't do anything to embarrass the sponsor" portion of the email seemed a little personal. Hopefully that doesn't include spray-painting "Gorgui" onto the side of the car. It does? "Tim" work? Really? Well what can I do.

Anyway, this calls for a celebration on Friday night. There's a House of Blues party that evening and I know a bunch of Cards fans will also be at Lucy's, so we'll have to come up with some sort of set plan between now and then.

I know Mayor of New Orleans Arthur Carmody will be around for the celebraish, and there are also rumors swirling that Kevin Harned is hoping to party. Who else? God only knows.

Get down to New Orleans.

Also, Buick rules. My seventh illegitimate child will be named Park Avenue Rutherford. She will NEVER be referred to as "PAR" in my presence.

Also check out the exclusive Buick-NCAA Team Badge application found on which allows college basketball fans to post a college-specific March Madness badge on their profile to show support for their team.

Guess which paragraph I didn't write.