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The 2012 Card Chronicle Bracket Challenge

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We're going with Yahoo! once again, in spite of my disdain for the exclamation point. Prizes will include a jacket provided by hot hot, a hat provided by me, and an autographed picture of Beach Gorgui. The autograph will be my autograph.

Here's how you get involved.


1. Sign up for a free Yahoo! account if you don't already have one.

2. Go here and click "Join a Group."

3. Type in the league ID (115502) and league password ("gorgui") to get into the group.

4. Fill out your bracket.


  • Please note that the bracket "locks" on Thursday morning, which means the "first" round play-in games on Tuesday & Wednesday will not be scored on this contest. Translation: you have until Thursday morning to finalize your brackets, Mr./Ms. Procrastinator (looking at you, Leigh).

Most creative name will, as always receive 900,000 Chron points and the respect of the committee. Also, we're again thrilled to announce that Card Chronicle and Yahoo! have teamed up and are prepared to give $5 million to anyone who picks every game of the tournament correctly.

Yahoo! Tourney Pick'em supports SBNation and the best college sports tournament of the year. Join the bracket pools of Drew Brees, Michael Phelps, and Lil Wayne-- all while competing in the $5 million Perfect Bracket and $10,000 Best Bracket Sweepstakes. Be part of the best and biggest Yahoo! Sports tourney game yet – sign up today!

I didn't write the previous paragraph.