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Memphis Appears Headed To The Big East

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Memphis and the Big East Conference are in the final stages of negotiations to make the Tigers an all-sports member of the conference beginning in 2013, this according to Brett McMurphy of

When contacted by's Gary Parrish about the move to the Big East, Memphis athletic director R.C. Johnson declined comment. An official announcement of the Tigers' move to the Big East could be made as early as this week, sources said.

While the addition of Memphis is for all sports, the Tigers' men's basketball program would help offset the future losses of men's basketball powers Syracuse, West Virginia and Pittsburgh.

When Memphis joins the league, it's unknown what the Big East's football and basketball membership will consist of. That's because West Virginia appears it will join the Big 12 this summer and will not honor the Big East's 27-month exit requirement. However, both WVU and the Big East have filed lawsuits against each other and a Rhode Island judge ordered the parties into non-binding mediation with a deadline of Thursday.

To me, the move sends a pretty clear message that the Big East thinks it at least probable, if not inevitable, that Louisville will be making the move to the Big 12 at some point. But that's just, like, my opinion, man.

Some additional thoughts on what Memphis' move to the Big East might mean for Louisville, should U of L not leave the conference, can be found here.

And the plot thickens for 73rd time.