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Louisville Crushes Connecticut: Media Recap

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Cards on the front page of


"Meet me in front of the arena underneath the Gorgui statue and I'll give you your ticket." --Things overheard in Louisville in 2028

Siva Haircut + Dunking Cardinal Bird Undershirt = Blowout wins over teams with four NBA players.

Peyton Siva Sr. has serious competition in the form of Momaw Justice:


Pitino postgame:

Russ is happy, Peyton's happy, I'm happy, you're happy.


Easily the most fun I've had at a game this year, and I don't think there's any question that this is the best we've all felt in the wake of a game since last season.

Full recap tomorrow, high-fives all around, dreams of Chane threes, Swop and-ones, Kyle dunks, Siva passes, Gorgui steals and Russ tights for all.