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Worst Senior Night Ever


--Louisville lost to South Florida in basketball.

--I was denied my usual parking spot, causing me to scramble and pay to park for the first time this year.

--Said debacle cost me seeing the pregame senior video.

--Peyton Siva showed absolutely none of the glimpses of a corner turn that we'd seen (however briefly) in recent weeks.

--I slipped on my senior night poster during halftime and fell into a passing old woman.

--My senior night poster was ripped as a result.

--Louisville lost to South Florida in basketball.

--My personal perfect home record was ruined.

--The worst mascot in the history of mascots, QUACKY, was brought out for absolutely no reason at halftime and did absolutely nothing.

--I want Quacky's head on a f---ing plate.

--Wayne played slightly more than a minute.

--Chane's missed dunk.

--The seniors didn't address the crowd after the game for the first time I can ever remember.

--It took me approximately three hours and 45 minutes to get home.

--White Castle shafted me a chicken ring and cheese.

--Pretty sure it was intentional. The kid had a tone.

--Misspelled the word "was" in my initial angry postgame tweet.

--Louisville scored 51 points in its second-to-last game of the regular season.

--It's officially March in less than two hours and I feel like I can't even be excited about it.

--Emailer "BigBlueBallisLife" appears to think I'm a homosexual.

--Louisville lost to South Florida in basketball.