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Gorgui Dieng Closing In On Single-Season Blocks Record

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If one wasn't familiar with the Internet they might think this sort of non-"everything is the worst" post was against the law. I expected people to be upset (I don't like to lose either, and I generally handle it worse than most), but the level of vitriol just not match up to the level of last night's loss. I really hope that we as a fan base haven't turned "that" corner, where every defeat is treated as an apocalyptic event regardless of extenuating circumstances or how successful the team had been in the weeks prior.

I love Louisville fans - "Card Nation" or what have you - as much as it's possible to love a group of people, but I've rolled my eyes at the "it's because we're so passionate" talk way too much over the past 15 years or so to start dropping that line/defense.

Anyway, back to the focus of this post, which is The Gorgster.

Rick Pitino said during the offseason that Gorgui Dieng was not a great shot-blocker like other big men he's coached, and challenged the sophomore to make significant strides in that department. It's safe to say Gorgs was listening, as he now sits just 12 blocks shy of setting the U of L single-season record with at least five games to play (postseason games count toward the record).

Here's what the current top five for the record looks like:

1) Pervis Ellison - 102
2) Pervis Ellison - 98
3) Pervis Ellison - 92
4) Gourgui Dieng - 91
5) Pervis Ellison/Charles Jones - 82

It's Ok to be happy about this.


It's what Gorgui would want.