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Trinity Trio Talks Louisville

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All right, this is gonna little creepy, but it's important enough (I think) that it needs to be covered.

Last night on Twitter, Trinity junior Ryan White (DB) made a couple of statements about one school recruiting him especially hard before announcing that he has a top two of Louisville and Illinois. White also has scholarship offers from Michigan, Arkansas, Kentucky and Vanderbilt.

Shortly after, teammate Jason Hatcher, a defensive end with offers from Alabama, Auburn, Oklahoma and just about everybody else in the country, tweeted the following:


White then mocked Hatcher for mimicking him before the two discussed why they liked Louisville. The term "realest" was again used.

Louisville fans caught onto this fairly quickly and began urging All-American receiver James Quick to make a similar statement.

Quick, who has always been tight-lipped about his recruitment, then stated that while it would be nice to play in front of his hometown fans, he couldn't make any promises. After being mocked by Hatcher and White, he later confirmed that he will be attending U of L's junior day.


**Takes hot shower** **Sobs**

During his signing day press conference, Charlie Strong stated that in order for this program to compete for a national championship it had to keep the best local players in town. He said more than once that it was puzzling to see some of the best players from around the country realizing that they could win a national title here, while players from Louisville and the surrounding area seem to believe otherwise.

Trinity won a national championship last season, and these three guys - along with some other recruits like running back Daylyn Dawkins - were a large part of the reason. These types of opportunities don't come along all that often in this area, which makes this such a huge potential statement for Strong and company to make.

Hearing these guys speak (however casually) positively about U of L is great news, because landing at least one of them is crucial. Landing two would be enormous and getting all three would be cause for a parade.

Thanks largely to the strength of its junior and sophomore classes to be, Louisville appears poised to have some big-time success over the next couple of seasons. You bring in a monster recruiting class of 2013 led by these guys, and...well, it's rollin'.