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Rick Pitino Doubts Louisville Will Leave The Big East

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It's like re-watching a favorite television series. You catch a few small things that you didn't before, but all the major characters, themes and lines and are still exactly as you remember them.

With national reports regarding the likelihood of Louisville being invited to the Big 12 surfacing in the past week, it's not surprising that the topic would be brought up during today's Big East conference call. Equally unsurprising was the response from U of L's head basketball coach.

"I doubt it," Rick Pitino said with regard to the probability of Louisville leaving the Big East. "I think that there was a chance last year but from what I understand some of the members of the [Big 12] conference don't want to split the revenue and they want to stick at 11, so at least personally I'm hoping we stay put.

"But you never know in this landscape today, I don't decide those things."

The Big 12 is actually currently at 10 teams, and would move to 11 if it added U of L.

Pitino touched on the topic again briefly when he was asked about the Cardinals' game against West Virginia in Morgantown on Feb. 11.

"This is our third straight year that we have come to West Virginia," he said. "I always request it every year. Generally you would see in the Big East that somebody would come back to you the following year, but [Big East Commissioner] John Marinatto's a dear friend and I always tell him, ‘Look, don't let West Virginia come to Louisville. I'd like to visit one more time.'

"And now it adds extra meaning because they're going into the Big 12 so it will be the last time we play against each other."

I can't wait for the episode where the politicians get involved. I think it's my favorite. The only problem I have is the believability of any state - even West Virginia - electing the Manchin character. I'm all about the willing suspension of disbelief, but I mean there's a limit.