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Nerlens Noel Reclassifies To 2012

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Tilton School big man Nerlens Noel announced on Wednesday that he would be reclassifying back to the class of 2012, making him (obviously) eligible to play college basketball next season. There's a very strong chance that the 6'11" Noel will wind up being the No. 1 player in the class.

The good news? Noel visited Louisville in December.

The bad news? Noel did not list Louisville when talking to ESPN's Dave Telep last night.

The worse news? Most seem to believe Kentucky is the team to beat for Noel's services.

I don't think there's much doubt that the reclassification hurts any chance we might have had with him, but...he did visit.


That's enough for me to (sings) hold on, for one more day.

It's the hair. It brings out the WP Inside me.